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Are you trapped in a life you never chose and can't escape? Unresolved trauma can be crushing, and it only gets heavier with time. If you’re sick of suffering and ready to reclaim your life, the Arrive Method™ coaching program is for you.

Developed by a licensed therapist and trauma-trained coach, this 8-week program uses proven techniques to regulate your emotions and reprogram your brain so you can walk away with confidence, clarity, and—finally—freedom.

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This five-minute assessment is designed to help you understand the impact of unresolved trauma on your daily life.

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Is trauma holding you back?

Humans are amazingly resilient. When we experience trauma, our brains respond in certain ways to protect us. What protected us in the moment, however, can k
eep us stuck in the past and cause us to relive that traumatic event over and over again. Here are some of the ways unresolved trauma may show up in your daily life.

How it can look

Repeating unhelpful behavior patterns and negative thought processes that make you feel stuck, unable to move forward, and like you can never get ahead.

How it can feel

Chronic stress, overwhelm, anxiety, depression, shame, and/or frequent mood swings. You may feel like you're always suffering and that your emotions are out of control.

How it can affect you

Self-judgment, isolation, avoidance, sleep problems, chronic fatigue, and/or physical symptoms. You may find it difficult to enjoy anything or trust other people.


Break free in 8 weeks with 1:1 Coaching

Traditional therapy focuses on the past, while traditional coaching focuses on the future. The Arrive Method™ helps you feel better faster by addressing the impact of trauma and giving you the tools to take your life back.

Using evidence-based techniques tailored specifically to you, this 8-week individual coaching program unlocks a new sense of safety, clarity, and confidence so you can see a clear path forward and start building a future of freedom.

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How we help

Because traumatic events are so significant, they often correspond to major life changes. We specialize in helping trauma survivors navigate life transitions that often cause, trigger, or result from trauma.


Anything but simple, relationships can traumatize us, trigger us, and help us heal. This is almost always an area of focus.

Grief & mourning

It can be devastating and often traumatic to lose someone or something that's important to you, no matter the nature of the loss.

Childhood trauma

Trauma that you experience while young, before your identity and sense of self are fully developed, can have a lasting impact.

Spiritual distress

Whether leaving a religion or questioning your beliefs, spiritual distress can shake both your inner and outer worlds.

Shame & anxiety

Trauma survivors often blame themselves and feel shame, while chronic anxiety is the result of being stuck in fight-or-flight.

Burnout & overwhelm

Persistent feelings of burnout and overwhelm are common among trauma survivors with extra-high stress levels.

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Meet your guide

Arrive Coaches was founded by Micah Laughlin, a licensed therapist who holds a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in trauma and abuse.

Micah, a trauma survivor himself, says his own journey has fueled his passion for supporting others. It's what inspired him to create the Arrive Method, an integrative approach to unlocking life after trauma.

"There are so many approaches to feeling better and living better. In a sea of information, you need someone to simplify it and bring together a combination of approaches that help you feel better faster and create a clear plan for the future."

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Arrive Coaches founder Micah Laughlin, a licensed mental health counselor and trauma-informed coach

"Micah's 8-week coaching program helped me add so much life back. I'm so grateful to have experienced it." 

Kate M.

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