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The Arrive Method coaching program is not about healing trauma or finding your way “back” to yourself. It’s about taking power away from the past and creating new life—the life you’ve always wanted and the future you’ve always deserved.

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The Arrive Method process


In just 8 weeks, learn to regulate your emotions, move gracefully through triggers, and discover the you who’s been buried and can’t wait to be free. This trauma-resilience coaching program teaches you powerful, proven tools to calm your nervous system and create new pathways in your brain so you can approach life with a newfound clarity. Not only will you see things differently, you’ll see yourself differently. Leave the past where it belongs so you can create the future you've always wanted.


We’ll start by establishing your baseline to get a clear understanding of where you’re at now vs. where you want to be. This will help us customize your coaching program to your individual needs so we can best support you. By referring back to this baseline, you’ll be able to track your progress as you go so you can truly witness your own growth and evolution.


Once we’ve established your baseline, we’ll identify your goals and the pieces of your past that are keeping you stuck. Together, we’ll gently explore the painful parts of your past, using trauma-informed techniques to carefully peel back the layers. Together, we’ll get to the bottom of your unresolved trauma so we can free you from your struggles for good.


Regulate your nervous system and take power away from your past traumas by creating new neural pathways that allow you to process unresolved trauma in a careful, controlled way that avoids triggering you and instead focuses on releasing and letting go (no longer controls you or affects you, it’s just a part of your history).


Once stories start to lose their power over you and aren't so emotionally charged, focus shifts to present and future because now you're able to make decisions from a different, more grounded perspective.


Connecting to yourself allows you to connect with others in an entirely different, authentic way. As you develop into this new, unburdened version of you—as you realize who you really are, beneath the pain and suffering you’ve been carrying around—your entire world will open up. You’ll find your tribe. You’ll find your home.


As you start to move through life unburdened by the past, you’ll discover newfound self-belief and begin to understand your place in the world so you can move forward with clarity and conviction. Learn to protect yourself and your energy so instead of dodging triggers, you’ll have all the tools you need to stay grounded and present while navigating the twists and turns of life.