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Micah Laughlin, licensed therapist, trauma-informed coach, and founder of Arrive Coaches

About Arrive Coaches 

Coaching was never part of Micah Laughlin's plan. But that's the thing about life: it rarely goes according to plan.

Instead, Micah found passion through personal experience.

Now a trauma resilience coach and licensed mental health professional, he created Arrive Coaches to help others find life on the other side of trauma, just as he did.

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Micah's journey

A successful IT consultant and entrepreneur, Micah solved problems for a living, making short work of troublesome technology.

But as it turned out, his most complex problem to solve was not a technical one. It was, instead, a deeply personal one.

Like many of us, Micah was still carrying the weight of his past, and he had no idea how it was affecting him.

Years—even decades—later, past relationships and events continued to shape the way he experienced the world.

Despite his achievements, confidence and contentment were always out of reach. Instead, Micah felt anxious and unfulfilled.

Arrive Coaches founder Micah Laughlin
Arrive Coaches founder Micah Laughlin, a licensed therapist and trauma-informed coach

Welcome to something different.

Micah's journey through traditional therapy and counseling left him wanting, and his inner problem-solver came out.

Each therapist took a different approach, using their own favorite tools and techniques. They all had a piece of the puzzle, but no one had put them together—until Micah.

This integrative process evolved into the Arrive Method™, a unique combination of story work, somatic techniques, and meta-psychology that helped Micah move through his own story and build the resilience to enjoy a new future.

Micah holds a Master's degree ​​in Counseling Psychology from The Seattle School, with a concentration in Trauma and Abuse, as well as multiple certifications in Narrative Focused Trauma Care.

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